Every Incentive Program Should include that WE WIN Moment!

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You’ve seen the locker room scene televised after a major sports team wins the championship game. Its total bedlam complete with hugs, tears, laughter, and copious amounts of champagne flying in all directions. The sheer joy and happiness felt by the entire team is overwhelming, and we all wish we could be in that locker room sharing what will be one of the best moments in a lifetime.


The fact that any group of people can achieve this state of nirvana is a testament to their perseverance, team work and grit towards overcoming incredible odds and challenges. These are the defining moments that don’t come very often, but when they do they’re life changing and unforgettable. They are why we work so hard for our families, our company, our community and OUR TEAM!


Every incentive program should include that “WE WIN” moment; that very moment when your entire group comes together to feel the indescribable joy that comes with working so hard to win. All the pain, disappointments and set backs are forgotten and forgiven. Victory takes center stage and as the company executive takes the mic and asks everyone lift a glass to their accomplishments – life is perfect.


That’s what keeps us moving forward. That never ending grind to make it happen, reach that goal and be recognized by your family, colleagues and in this moment, your best friends. Creating that “WE WIN” moment is never easy. It can’t be forced or contrived and has to come from the heart.


The real trick is to find and/or create that amazing venue. Make sure your entertainment can rock the house and encourage your executive to speak from the heart. No flash cards needed.


Event Connections Group recently operated a Broker incentive program to the St. Regis hotel in Aspen, Colorado. Our “WE WIN” moment came when all the winners were dancing on their chairs and started spraying each other with champagne at the infamous Cloud 9 Bistro at the top of Aspen Highlands’ ski resort.


At Event Connections Group we can help you create that WE IN moment. Contact us at 410-927-1252 or sending an email to [email protected] to schedule a time to discuss how we can help. To learn more about our event management services, please visit our website.