Is Mexico a Safe Travel Incentive Destination?

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The short answer is YES, Here’s why.


Many of you have read about heightened travel warnings in certain parts of Mexico. These travel warnings are not new and have been ongoing since the beginning of the drug trade and subsequent drug cartel wars for what has become a very lucrative industry.


However, gang related activity in Mexico resort cities is isolated and very rare. Yes, there are unsafe places in Mexico like Juarez but located near the US border and nowhere close to Cancun or other resort destinations.


Unfortunately, there’s no place on the planet that’s 100% safe, especially considering the biggest mass killing US history in Las Vegas that just occurred last October, the NYC attack in Nov, Paris last year and the fact that gang related drug turf wars have been raging in almost every major US City since the early 80s. The fact is, the chances of getting caught in a gang related shooting is astronomical as long as you stay in the designated tourist areas.


Here’s the message we typically send out to individuals who voice apprehension:


The truth is that cartels are businesses. The people who run them are ruthless, but not stupid. They know that tourism is the foundation of the Mexican tourism economy – and if the tourists go away, so do their customers. As such, you can be virtually guaranteed that Mexican cartel violence, so often exploited for ratings by the international news media, will form no part of your Mexican vacation experience.

The actual crime rates in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo are very low, significantly lower than those of major tourist cities in the United States like Miami, Las Vegas, and New Orleans for example. Violent crime is something that any visitor using common sense shouldn’t have to deal with. Provided that you take the most basic of travel precautions, the threat of violent crime needn’t even cross your mind.

We’ve been operating programs in Mexico for almost 30 years without one incident. But none the less, we always address these issues in order to calm any fears. If someone is concerned about crime in Mexico we simply advise them to stay on property. Security is very tight at all resorts.


We always use trusted vendors who make safety their priority. Our local vendors ensure that every incentive tour, dine around or any off-property event is always safe.


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