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Here Are Some Key Steps to Building Successful Incentive Trips and Meetings Around Your Younger Attendees


By 2020 nearly half of the US workforce will be millennials, people born between 1986 and 2000. While Millennials are the most educated and culturally diverse they’re also notorious job hoppers, overly self-confident, digital savvy and need affirmation and immediate gratification. Before you write them off as needy or entitled, it’s important to understand that these workers are also highly motivated for success and extremely ambitious.


Understanding what makes this new generation tick will help meeting planners build their incentive programs and meetings towards the goal of maximizing millennials performance and reducing turnover.


Here’s some basic program inclusions that will help:


  • Present the company’s vision during the event

Millennials have grown up in the fact-paced, technology driven 21st century, and are intimately aware of the latest social, economic, and political events. As they have more access to what is happening around the world they want to feel invested and want to know how they contribute to the company’s objectives.


  • Incorporate a social responsibility event into your incentive trip or meeting

Emphasize your company’s commitment to social change and responsibility through a Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, program. Millennials place a high priority on helping people in need.


  • Make sure there’s plenty of recognition

In addition to the traditional awards ceremony, use your mobile program app to give shout-outs for individual performance. Include accomplishments by individuals in your program’s who’s who guide. Feature case studies of individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to close a deal or contribute to their community. Peer recognition is the most powerful motivator!


  • Choose destinations which offer plenty of adventurous activities

Millennials can’t get enough of new and exciting activities and events. A surf contest in Costa Rica or a jungle jeep rally in Hawaii are one of the many things you can offer during these events.




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