Hyatt Rose Hall Jamaica: Taking Service to the Next Level

June 18, 2020

Montego Bay, Jamaica is reopened for tourism and when you are ready to resume group travel, ECG looks forward to showing you all Jamaica can offer! We had an incredible experience at the Hyatt Rose Hall and wanted to share how the Hyatt offers the best group service in Jamaica.

One of the biggest challenges facing event planners during the program planning stages is working with Hotel CSMs (Convention Service Managers) who are often times unresponsive and seemingly uninterested in groups coming in anywhere from 1 week to six months out.

They’re not slackers or lazy or in the manana work mode. On the contrary, they’re simply overworked and often times underpaid.  CSM’s typically work 10-14 hours days operating their in house groups and then are expected to go home, spend a short time with their families and get back online preparing for the next round of groups on the approach. During peak season, CSM’s often don’t get a day off for weeks at a time.

It’s frustrating for all parties involved and can often times affect the quality of the program execution, not to mention job security for any event planner. Remember – you’re only as good as your last program!

The Hyatt Rose Hall Montego Bay has come up with a great solution – or at least has put a big dent in the problem.

Omar Riviera, the Hyatt GM developed a concept that has set a new standard in group service during program operations.

Enter the Group Ambassadors! The idea is simple. Create a team of Ambassadors or mini CSMs that can take care of all that on site minutia which is always a huge time suck. From human arrows, to making copies to running out and getting poker chips for the President’s impromptu poker tournament, the Ambassadors are always at the ready and eager to have something or anything to do. 

This model creates great efficiencies and frees up the CSM and event planners and their staff to focus on the bigger picture for each on site event. With a positive attitude and sunny disposition these Ambassadors are a joy to work with. It’s like having your own personal assistant on site and with a total of four at the ready they work extremely well together to get the job done.

This model also frees up the hotel CSM to focus more time on their incoming groups in a timely manner.

With over 30 years in the event business, I’ve never seen anything like it. Having just operated 4 back to back programs at the Hyatt, this model proved to be a huge success. Coupled with a great CMS and hotel management, the Hyatt Rose Hall truly provides some of the best service levels in the industry for group events.

All four programs earned the highest attendee ratings in their history and, because it’s our job, we made our client contacts look like Heroes! Everybody won!

Here’s a shout out to Shanique, Mel, Stephan and Keno – The Hyatt Ambassadors who made it happen. Also, a big kudos to Christa our CSM who led the charge and kept everything together – all with a smile on her face.

In addition to this service model the Hyatt offers a great room product, amazing outside beach front venues, huge ballroom,  great food, and good lift into Montego Bay. I would recommend this hotel for any program.

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