• This year’s trip to Jamaica was a Grand Slam. I do not exaggerate when I say that at least 12 attendees I spoke with said this was the best trip Esler Cos. has ever hosted. Of these dozen people, three of them had been on 6 trips and the majority of the rest had been on at least 3. These weren’t newbies to the trip, these were the veterans.

    There isn’t much to say about the ECG team that you don’t already know. They were creative, energetic, attentive, and their planning and execution of TPC Jamaica was flawless. From the moment of check-in all the way through to the last guest departure, their team handled every request and demand with ease and grace. Not one ball was dropped. They brought a new energy to this year’s trip that made all the difference.

    I feel it’s necessary to share this because the hundreds of guests only saw what ECG did for one glorious week in Jamaica. I had the great fortune of working with Jack, Melissa, Katie, and Erin for several months, speaking with them weekly and often multiple times in one day. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work directly with these superstars and see the progress and ultimate fruition of a kick-ass trip. It was no small feat, and I can’t sing their praises enough.

    I might even be tearing up a little to think of not chatting with my peeps all the time because words can’t express how incredible they were to work with. Thanks again to Jack, Melissa and the ECG team for being amazing partners in this journey and for always treating me like a VIP. There’s no better events team out there.

  • I just want both of you to know how much we appreciate all that you do for our organization. I can’t remember if I’ve sent you any of the “thank you” emails I have received in the past but I want to share several with you this year. It gives you a little taste for the impact you make on our organization. You’ve heard us talk a ton about being a “Difference Maker.” The two of you are absolute Difference Makers for us. You’ve become part of our family and part of why people love to work at Renewal. You may not technically be Andersen employees…but you’re definitely part of the family.

  • The TPC trips that we have gone to will give us memories that will last a life time. We have seen places and done things that we may have never done had it not been for Renewal.

  • I’m not sure how to quantify the value of that…but I know it’s worth a lot. When people love where they work, in turn they take great care of our customers. When we take great care of our customers, we have a shot at becoming a truly iconic brand and building a prosperous business over the long haul. In essence, TPC is not just an incentive trip. You are an integral part of our long-term strategy and you make us better. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Traditionally we handled the coordination of our President’s Club Incentive and National Sales Meeting in house due to budget constraints and the access to internal resources. Through their negotiations skills and knowledge of destinations and hotels Jack Hartley and the ECG team were able to offset their event management fees through a variety of cost savings and lower negotiated hotel rates.

    The biggest benefit, however, was that the overall program experience dramatically increased. Our Executives and staff were able to focus on delivering high quality content while leaving the logistics to the ECG professionals. Ultimately, this resulted in the best program attendee survey ratings we’ve received since we started holding these events.

    We can’t thank Jack and his team enough for raising the bar for our events!

  • ECG has been a great partner for our annual President’s Club event. As one of the fastest growing data storage companies in the country we move fast and demand a lot from our vendors. Not only has ECG been able to keep pace with our constantly changing needs they anticipate our needs before we do. The result is a seamless event with no drama or hiccups. Our last President’s Club in Costa Rica was a huge hit. One of the many highlights was our company surf contest beach bash where literally all participants got up on a surfboard followed by the best lobster feast I’ve ever seen. My reps are still talking about it!!

  • I want to personally thank ECG for all the extra work they have done to ensure that our President’s Club continued as planned. With the Ritz Carlton Jamaica closing its doors three weeks before our program operations ECG has risen above and beyond to find us another venue that is comparable to what we have come to expect and in such a short time frame.

    I truly appreciate your efforts.”

  • It’s been a pleasure working with ECG on our donor events over the last 3 years. With so many demanding high profile donors and oceans of details ECG remained focused and organized and keep the entire program on track. The end result was a seamless event, record setting donations and the gratitude of the benefactors for a job well done.

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